Measurement of soil shear wave velocity using in situ and laboratory seismic methods – some methodological aspects

Tomasz Godlewski, Tomasz Szczepański


This article presents the results of seismic shear wave velocity (VS) measurements using the CSWS/SAWS (Continuous Surface Wave System/Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves) and SDMT (seismic flat dilatometer) methods, as well as BET (Bender Elements Test), on an experimental test site (and samples taken from it). The test site, a geologically relatively uniform alluvial sand formation area, was carefully chosen and checked for uniformity by means of drillings and soundings. The research aimed to determine how results from indirect, non-invasive surface geophysical tests (SASW and CSWS) correspond with those from SDMT penetration tests as well as the BET laboratory seismic method, and how some methodological aspects can influence them. Different wave sources and frequency were examined as the main factors for interpretation. The influence of other examined factors is also discussed.


seismic methods; shear wave velocity; methodology influence

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