Trzydzieści lat badań i poszukiwań surowców skalnych w Instytucie Geologicznym (1948 - 1978)

Janusz Majcherkiewicz


Omówiono trzydziestoletnią historię badań i osiągnięć w zakresie poszukiwań złóż surowców skalnych prowadzonych w Instytucie Geologicznym przez Zakład Złóż Surowców Skalnych. Dzięki tym badaniom odkryto i udokumentowano wiele nowych złóż wykorzystywanych obecnie w podstawowych działach gospodarki narodowej, np. w budownictwie, hutnictwie, rolnictwie, chemii i in.


The paper presents the history of studies and the achievements of the Department of Rock Material Deposits of the Geological Institute. The Department has been created as the Department of Rock and Non-metallic Deposits in 1949. The works of the Department, carried out in cooperation with the industry, especially the industry of fireproof and building materials, were initially concentrated on search and preparation of the known deposits (including those in the Regained Territories) to exploitation. when the Central Office of Geology was created, the Department was reorganized into the Department of Rock Material Deposits and the extent of its works widened to cover other raw materials as argillites and phosphorites. This was followed by significant achievements including discoveries and recognition of several new deposits and contribution to documentation of numerous deposits in industrial categories. When the tasks connected with recognition of deposits have been passed to geological combines, the works of the Department could became concentrated on basic studies of raw material deposits. The works carried out by the Department include regional surveys of inadequetely known areas and studies of basic rock properties for solving problems of their eventual processing and concentration. Moreover, there are made raw material catalogues and litho logical-raw material atlases, including various types of raw material maps. Other activities of the Department include establishment of uniform methodology of prospecting and qualitative analyses of rock raw materials, preparation of exemplary complex documentations and pronouncing opinion on complex documentations made by the industry (geological combines). The publishing activity of the Department is also high.

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