Konodonty dolnego famenu z profilu Maciejowic

Maria Nehring


Przedstawiono konodonty fameńskie pochodzące z serii wapieni pasiastych oraz wapieni gruzłowych otworu Maciejowice IG 1. Wiek wapieni pasiastych na podstawie zasięgów stratygraficznych konodontów przypada na poziom Palmatolepis crepida (do II α), wapieni gruzłowych - poziom Palmatolepis rhomboidea i dolną część poziomu P. quadrantinodosa (do II β), a być może i górną część poziomu P. quadrantinodosa (do III α).


The paper presents the results of stratigraphic analysis of Upper Devonian rocks penetrated by the Maciejowice drilling section (Fig. 1). The studies covered core material of rocks of the Banded Limestone Series and overlaying Knobby Limestone Series, in which numerous conodonts were found (Table 1, Tables I-IV).

In the Radom-Lublin area, where the borehole Maciejowice IG 1 is situated, the Banded Limestone Series is represented by marls with limestone intercalations and lenses. From conodonts recorded here, the most important for dating these rocks include Palmatolepis tenuipunctata S a n n e m a n n. P. subperlobata B r a n s o n  et  M e h I, P. termini S a n n e m a n n and P. minuta loba H e I m s. On the basis of analysis of stratigraphic ranges of all the conodonts, the Banded Limestone Series is assigned to the P. crepida zone (do II α), corresponding to lower part of the Cheiloceras Stage (Table 1). The Knobby Limestone Series, overlaying concordantly the Banded Limestone one, is widely distributed throughout the Lublin region and easy to identify thanks to highly characteristic development of its rocks. The analysis of conodonts found in sample of these limestones made it possible to assign them to the zone do II β (P. rhomboidea and lower part of P. quadrantinodosa zone) and possibly also the zone do III α (upper part of P. quadrantinodosa zone).

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