Profesor dr Jan Czermiński jako geolog i organizator badań geologicznych

Jan Malinowski




Professor Jan Czermiński was born at Osielsk,Pomerania, on October 15, 1923.

He graduated from the secondary school inBydgoszczin 1946 and in the same year began geological studies atAdamMickiewiczUniversityinPoznań. In 1949 he moved toWarsawwhere he continued his studies at theUniversityofWarsaw, and a year later he received his M. S. diploma there.

While still in his fourth year of studies, he was employed as a field geologist in the Geological Institute, where he worked till the last days of his industrious life. In 1951 he was in charge of the Section of Non-Metallic Raw Materials at the Geological Institute and in 1952 headed the Section of Research on the Góry Świętokrzyskie area.

In December 1952 he began his doctoral studies at theInstituteofMininginLeningrad, specializing in prospecting for raw materials. He completed his studies there in 1954, and after his return toPolandcontinued work on his dissertation, “The Lithological Development of the Carbonate Devonian Series of the Southern Part of the Góry Świętokrzyskie”. He received his D. S. degree at theUniversityofWarsawin April, 1959.

After his return fromLeningrad, Professor Jan Czermiński resumed his work at the Geological Institute inWarsaw. In the years 1956–1970 he was Vice-Director of the Institute in charge of basic research, and in 1970–1975 he acted as Vice-Director responsible for problems connected with deposits of raw materials. In August 1975 he was appointed Director of the Geological Institute. In 1963 he received the title of the so-called independent scientific worker and on November 14,

1974 he was made Associate Professor. Following a short period of illness, Professor Jan Czermiński died suddenly on March 2, 1976, not quite seven months after he had been appointed Director of the Geological Institute inWarsaw.

Professor Jan Czermiński was mainly interested in geological studies concerning the Góry Świętokrzyskie. Most of his research was concentrated on Tertiary, Jurassic, Devonian and Cambrian rocks in this area and on problems connected with the occurrence of mineral deposits there. One of his most important fields of research concerned the origin of sulphur deposits; his studies in this respect were based, among others, on the results of analyses of sulphur and coal isotopes.

Professor Jan Czermiński was an active academic teacher. He lectured for 17 years at institutions of higher learning. He was also engaged in editorial work.

He was founder of the “Kwartalnik Geologiczny” (Geological Quarterly). He also took part in a number of projects connected with the organization of research work, being an active member of many committees at the Central Board of Geology, thePolishAcademyof Sciences and other institutions.


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