Baza surowcowa przemysłu mineralnego w rejonie Olsztyna i perspektywy jej rozwoju

Tadeusz Musiał, Genowefa Kociszewska-Musiał




The authors present the possibilities of the development of the of raw materials for building industry in theOlsztynarea.Olsztynis the administrative-economic centre of the whole surrounding region and will develop intensively in the near future. Thus the supply of raw materials for building industry in this area is an urgent and important problem. The natural base of raw materials forOlsztynis in the nearest vicinity of the city where sediments of clay raw materials and gravel are to befo und (Figs. 1 and 2). The authors have presented a characteristic of fluvioglacial, limnoglacial and glacial, sandy-gravel and gravel sediments, which provide the raw material base of sands and gravels and of the production of silicate and concrete. The authors have singled out those areas where further research should be carried out to investigate the deposits that should be exploited to meet the increasing demands of building industry.

Sediments of limnoglacial clays provide a good basis for the development of the industry of building ceramics and light artificial aggregates ("glinoporyt") in this area. The deposits described so far represent only a small part of the surface of ice-dammed lakes; the range of the latter is presented in Figure 2. The authors find that changes in the properties of limnoglacial clays are of regional character.

Their quality becomes worse from the west to the east. Clays that can be used for the production of thin-walled and hollow materials occur in the western and central parts of the region. Further regional investigations are needed to find further limnoglacial deposits that would provide the most valuable raw material for the future needs of the industry of building ceramics.

The authors emphasize the fact that spatial planning calls for taking into account the present and future needs of buildidng industry and the production of building materials as far as raw materials are concerned. For this purpose the presently evidenced and still not examined deposits of these raw materials should be adequately protected. Raw materials which are being explored now should be properly utilized. This concerns especially the proper utilization of sands obtained during the production of gravels.


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