Nowa wersja podziału hydrogeologicznego Polski

Cyryl Kolago


Regionalizacja hydrogeologiczna liczyć się musi z istnieniem piętrowości struktur wodonośców oraz z różnymi kryteriami podziału, w zależności od celów i przedmiotów uwzględnianych w podziale. Dla nowej Mapy Hydrogeologicznej Polski w skali 1 : 200 000 ustalono trójstopniowy system wydzieleń jednostek, przesądzając z góry jedynie liczbę i zarysy regionów, jako jednostek pierwszego szczebla. Za celowe uznano przyjęcie odpowiedniego nazewnictwa jednostek, uwzględniającego wielopiętrowość wodonośców. Nawiązano do podziału na Mapie Hydrogeologicznej Polski 1 : 1 000 000. Żaden podział na jednostki hydrogeologiczne nie może pretendować do uniwersalności. Wszystkie omawiane w tekście mapy opracowywane były i są w Instytucie Geologicznym.


Regionalization of groundwaters is fairly difficult, especially because of multistage nature of hydrogeological structures and diversity of criteria adopted in differentiating hydrogeological units of various ranks. It should be noted that the criteria are usually related with a given aim of regionalization and the resulting preliminary premises. The differences which may be noted between hydrodynamic and budget criteria and those connected with analyses carried out from the viewpoint of resource estimations, may be explained by these interdependences. Differences between the used systems of regionalization are well reflected by names proposed for individual units.

A detailed hydrogeological subdivision of Poland has been presented for the first time in The Review Hydrogeological Map of Poland in the scale 1 : 300,000, in which, however, it was carried out for southern Poland only. The Synthetic Hydrogeological Map of Poland in the scale 1: 1,000,000 showed regionalization of the whole area of the country. Recently, there has been elaborated a system of hydrogeological regionalization for the new map in the scale 1 : 200,000. It should involve three-grade subdivision (into regions, subregions and areas). It is not planned to give any descriptive characteristics for areas of supraregional rank. A subdivision into 26 is here arbitrarily chosen whereas number and extent of lower-rank units are to be settled by teams of authors and editors responsible for a given sheet of the map.

The above system of regionalization is regarded as appropriate for such serial map of general character. It should be noted that this is system is neither treated as universal nor better than the . others. An attempt to establish such universal system of subdivision of ground waters would be not much promising and, at the same time, of rather limited usability if ever.

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