The comparison of microfacies character of Westphalian A and B coals in Upper Silesian and Lublin Coal Basins

Krystyna Kruszewska, Irena Łonak, Lidia Opatowiecka


The microfacies character of coal seams belonging to Westphalian A and B lithostratigraphic units from Upper Silesian and Lublin Basins was established according to results of microlithotype analises. The comparison of microlithotypc composition of analysed coals from both basins suggests that they have developed in similar facies conditions generally characterized by intensive subsidence. high ground water level and limited oxygen supply. The presence of dark, spotty vitrinite often associated with syngenetic pyrite as well as abundant, partially decomposed exinite in Lublin coals suggest more anaeorobic conditions comparing to those from Upper Silesian Basin. The domination of clarite type as well as high vi trite content in both Orzesze and Lublin Beds suggest possibility of their utilization in liquifaction processes.

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