Związki pola geotermicznego z uwegleniem w polskich basenach węglowych

Jacek Majorowicz


Przedstawiono dane dotyczące wpływu warunków geotermicznych na stopień metamorfizmu węgla. Przeanalizowano gradienty zmian uwęglenia z głębokością dla polskich basenów węglowych w świetle analizy pola geotermicznego w tych rejonach.



The paper deals with the influence of geothermal conditions on the nature of carbonization on the example of analysis of Polish Coal Basins, taking into account data obtained for basins from other countries. The analysis of gradients of changes in carbonization along with depth shows differences in paleogeothermal conditions between the Lublin (Precambrian platform) and Upper Silesian (Variscides) regions. Gradients of degree of carbonization along with depth are marked in the areas situated in the Paleozoic platform but not in the Precambrian platform. The paleogeothermal conditions are shown to be markedly different from the present.

In the Upper and Lower Silesian Coal Basins the carbonization was primarily influenced by igneous activity following deposition of coal seams. In the Lublin Coal Basin, increased heat flow connected with igneous phenomena of the Bretonian phase also took place after formation of Coal Measures which may explain why carbonization is highly advanced despite of the records of temperatures ranging from 24 to 26°C in the top of the Carboniferous. At present, Carboniferous rocks occur at greatest depths so it follows that temperatures prevailing in the time of metamorphism of organic matter were at least two times higher that the present.


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