Mollusc and ostracod fauna of selected sites of the Mazovian Interglacial in Poland

Sylwester Skompski


Sites with sediments of the Mazovian Interglacial age with remains of molluscs and ostracods that have been analyzed lately. contain the key species of this interglacial. Amongst them there are freshwater snails Lithoglyphus jahni Urbański and Viviparus diluvianus (Kunth) as well as ostracods Scottia browniana (Jones) and S. tumida (Jones). Other species from these sites are used for a reconstruction of palaeoecologic conditions (rheophilous and stagnophilous species) but also palaeoclimatic (thermophilous and cool species) and palaeogeomorphologic (species of water reservoirs and their margins) conditions. Some of them are also useful for microstratigraphy (pelecypod glochidia).

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