Stratigraphy of the Quaternary of the Suwałki Lakeland and its substrate based no recent data

Andrzej Ber


Basing on analyses and investigations of sections of 40 boreholes done during the last ten years in the Suwałki Lakeland, new data are presented on geologic structure and morphology of sub-Quaternary substrate and on stratigraphy of Pleistocene deposits. The borehole Żubrynek proved that in the Quaternary substrate there are, but sediments of the Upper Cretaceous (Maestrichtian) and Lower Palaeocene, the Upper Eocene deposits of the zone Turborotalia cerroazulensis, 7.7 In thick. A morphology of the sub-Quaternary substrate results in its subdivision into two morphostructural regions: a plateau and an accompanying depression, separated by quite a steep edge about 35 m high, of tectonic-erosive origin. In the Suwałki Lakeland area there are 7-8 glacial horizons that represent sediments of South-Polish (Wilga), Middle-Polish (Odra) and North-Polish (Wisła) glaciations. Still there are no stratigraphic bases for finding the sediments of the earlier glaciations than the South-Polish (Wilga) Glaciation in the described area. On the other hand, organogenic sediments of Mazovian (Holstein) and Eemian interglacials were noted. An advance of the ice-sheet of the North-Polish (Wisła) Glaciation and the following deglaciation are also generally presented.

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