Pleistocene marine deposits and their bearing on the stratigraphy of the Younger Pleistocene in Dolne Powiśle (North Poland)

Aurelia Makowska


During Younger Pleistocene, beginning with Eemian Interglacial the Dolne Powiśle region was repeatedly covered by transgressions of the Baltic Basin seas. Marine deposits are formed in separated horizons and recorded in different geological and stratigraphical situations. In few cases lithology, thickness, fauna content and range of deposits allowed to define them index stratigraphic horizons of the Younger Pleistocene in the region. Till now three marine horizons have been determined index ones i. e. Tychnowy Horizon (which belongs to Eemian) as welt as Elbląg and Krastudy horizons which represent Krastudy Interglacial. Krastudy Interglacial is younger than Eemian and was prior to Toruń Glaciation.

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