Stratigraphic position of interglacial deposits at Przasnysz

Alicja Bałuk, Kazimiera Mamakowa


Geological situation of the interglacial series of Przasnysz has been presented with reference to the nearby comprehensively described profiles. Basing on these profiles the stratigraphy of Pleistocene deposits has been determined according to the results of litho-petrographic, mineralogic and palaeontologie investigations as well as TL datings. The sequence has been subdivided into five major glacial units (including bipartite ones) and four interglacials. It has been proved that the interglacial deposits at Przasnysz refer to the second interglacial period (after Podlasie Interglacial which is defined as the oldest one). However the results of palaeobotanic analysis (by K.Mamakowa) revealed the pattern of vegetation parallel to Mazovian Interglacial (Holstein) succession. The latter is the fourth (last) of the presented interglacials. K.Mamakowa proposed an attempt to correlation of Przasnysz Interglacial with the IVth Interglacial of the Cromerian complex in Holland.

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