Division of the Middle Sudetes and their Foreland - a proposal of modification

Józef Oberc


Within the Middle Sudetes and their Foreland (after E. Bederkc,1929) two zones of fold structures, divided by the Niemcza Zone passing into the Upper Nysa Kłodzka Graben, can be distinguished. These are the Mid-Eastern Sudetes, occupying the area between the Niemcza Zone on the east up to the Ramzova Overthrust, characterized by folds running N-S and NNE-SSW and the Kłodzko - Góry Sowie Block on the west. This block is as the Góry Sowie Block described. He is surrounded and underlayed by ultrabasic and basic rocks and characterized by folds running NNW-ESE. Movements of the block to the east effected in folding of Mid-Eastern and Eastern Sudetes. The Cadomian Imbramowice metamorphic massif localized west from the Niemcza Zone is characterized by folds running SW-NE. Analysis of the fold direction led to the conclusions that it should be treated as a part of Mid-Eastern Sudetes Foreland while taking into account the Niemcza Zone as a part of the Middle Sudetes Foreland.

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