Systems of main longitudinal strike-slip faults in the vicinity of the Góry Sowie Block (Sudetes)

Józef Oberc


The strike-slip character of the great Variscan faults was documented by the large-scale plumose systems. The main faults and the branching-off faults of lower order are prolonged upwards into the platform cover. The Main Sudetic Fault, the Tłumaczów - Sienna Fault, and Marginal Sudetic Fault were accepted as main faults. They all have dextral character. They mark-out three strike-slip blocks - the Fore-Sudetic Block, the Inter-Sudetic Block and the Outer-Sudetic Block; on the last formed the plumose system of faults and strike-slip blocks of lower order. The Outer-Sudetic Block forms the main tectonic graben of Sudetes. The forming of the system of strike-slip faults and posthumous faults was preceded by forming of the dextral strike-slip of Trójgarb - Borek Strzeliński Fault. The Cadomian movement along the fau1t had the character of the transpression of the Imbramowicc metamorphic massif on the Góry Sowie Block. During these movements the Cadomian metamorphic massif of Wzgórza Niemczańskie was also folded.

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