Stratigraphy of the Cambrian System in the Holy Cross Mts

Stanisław Orłowski


 Four areas with Cambrian deposits are recognized in Poland. The most important from the point of view of the paleontology, sedimentology and stratigraphy (both lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy) of the Cambrian System is the area of the Holy Cross Mts situated almost in the center of the country.

The progress in description of trilobites, hyolithids, some other groups of fossils and trace fossils together with more exact data of the formation thicknesses have given the opportunity to demonstrate in this publication the synthesis of the stratigraphy of the Cambrian System. Additionally the complete list of trilobites and list of some other fossils is presented on the background of the detailed stratigraphy. The Cambrian sequences of the other regions of Poland may be compared with classical section in the Holy Cross Mts.

The other areas are: Kaczawa Mts in the Sudety Mts (SW Poland) with exposed Cambrian rocks, Upper Silesian Coal Basin (SW Poland) with Cambrian rocks known only from boreholes, and Cambrian platform deposits (North and East Poland) covering Precambrian basement of the Precambrian East-European Platform, known also from boreholes only.


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