Interglacjalny zbiornik jeziorny Niewodowo II (Wysoczyzna Kolneńska - Polska NE)

Krzysztof Binka, Andrzej Musiał, Katarzyna Straszewska


 Omówiono warunki występowania interglacjalnych osadów organogenicznych misy jeziornej Niewodowo II i przeprowadzono ich analizę palinologiczną. Rezultaty porównano z wynikami podobnego opracowania sąsiadującej misy jeziornej Niewodowo 1. Świadczą one o eemskim wieku osadów, a także o tym, że oba stanowiska pozostawały poza zasięgiem lądolodów zlodowacenia północnopolskiego (vistulian).





The paper presents a setting of organic sediments of the Eemian Interglacial at the site Niewodowo II (Kolno Plateau). Palynologic analysis has been done and comparison with the neighbouring reservoir

Niewodowo I, studied previously (A. Musial et al., 1982). Some differences were noted, depending on a considerably larger distance of the lake basin Niewodowo II from slopes of the morainic plateau but also on permeable deposits occurring under the organic ones.

Vegetation evolution in the reservoir Niewodowo II comprises the phases from d to h but it starts slightly later than in the reservoir Niewodowo I. The reservoir was more quickly transformed into a peat-bog, was completely dry in the interglacial optimum and finished after the phase h, which has not been noted in the reservoir Niewodowo I.

The site Niewodowo II does not indicate such intensive deposition of solifluction clays, developed after the last glaciation in the site Niewodowo I. In both places organic sediments are covered by silts of the Younger Dryas age what proves periodical drying of the reservoir. During the Holocene these processes got activated again and occasional lakes or marshes were formed. No cover of the Eemian sediments by glacigenic deposits proves that southern part of the Kolno Plateau has been left outside the extent of the North Polish Glaciation.

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