Comprehensive lithostratigraphic, geochemical and petrophysical investigations core sample Late Quaternary deposits from Gdańsk Basin

Aleksander I. Blazhchishin, Teresa Szczepańska, Wolfgang Jager, Gunter Bublitz, Valentin K. Lukashev


The core comprises deposits of the Baltic Ice Lake and four Early Holocene lake basins (Yoldia I, Yoldia II, Older Ancylus and Younger Ancylus, including the Mastogloia Phase) as well as marine deposits of Litorina and Postlitorina Sea. Observed changes of lithologic, geochemical and petrophysical parameters reflect main paleogeographic conditions and evolution of Baltic basins, from the Baltic Ice Lake period till the contemporary sea basin. Changes of grain size composition and lithostratigraphic data indicate that in the region described marine sedimentation continued during last 11 thousand years without interrupting. The deposits have been subdivided according to their physical and chemical properties; the composition of the sorption complex depends on physical and chemical properties of the environment and informs about conditions of sedimentation. Accumulations of autigenic iron sulphides and phosphates as well as barium sulphates are related to geochemical barriers which depend on pH and Eh values.

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