Problem of the Lublin Interglacial and stratigraphical subdivision of the Middle Polish Glaciations

Maria Danuta Baraniecka


The Middle Polish Glaciation (Saalian), previously considered for a stage, recently have gained a higher rank of superstage (megaglacial) in Poland. The latter comprises two cold units (stages): the Odra Glaciation (Odranian) and the Warta Glaciation (Wartanian), separated with the Lublin Interglacial (Lublinian). Previous research and new results are presented from the sites Łęczna, Grabówka, mine Bełchatów and Skorupy, where sediments of the Lublin Interglacial age occur. The studies enabled to define the Lublin Interglacial as a separate stage-rank stratigraphical unit.

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