Ore mineralization of Lutynia (SW Poland)

Wiesław Olszyński, Stanisław Speczik


Basing on the mineralogical, geochemical and thermo-barogeochemical studies two major stages of ore mineral formation may be distinguished at Lutynia. The first stage composed mostly of Fe-Ti oxides is related to pne-Variscan regional metamorphism of volcanic·-sedimentary pile. The second stage represented by As, Fe, Cu, Pb and Zn sulfides is connected with thermal and metasomatic influence of Kłodzko - Złoty Stok Variscan granitoids on adjacent rocks. The occurrence of reaction skarns and mineralogical composition of ores that include both Fe-As and Pb-Zn sulfides suggest, that they may be related to the same metallogenie event as the Złoty Stok skarn type mineralization, and may represent its farther, low temperature replacement type manifestation.

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