Mutual stratigraphical location of the Ferdynandów and the Mazovian Interglacial sediments in the Bełchatów open min

Maria Danuta Baraniecka, Leszek Sowiński, Aurelia Makowska


Remains of mollusc shells, among others of Viviparus diluvianus, were noted in the section Kleszczów 1 of the Bełchatów open mine in sands of the Mazovian Interglacial age, dated at about 356-372 ka. This interglacial series was underlain in the studied section by lake sediments of the Ferdynandów Interglacial, underlain in turn by tills of the San (South Polish) Glaciation. A series of the Mazavian Interglacial was overlain with sediments of the Middle Polish Glaciation age i.e. by a till of the Odra Glaciation, sediments of the Chojny Series dated at about 265-204 ka (their correlation to the Lublin Interglacial is therefore supported) and finally, sediments of the Warta Glaciation - composed among others of three tills dated at about 183, 179 and 150 lea. A complex of the Middle Polish Glacjation is overlain with sediments of the Eemian Interglacial, known from the section Rogowiec. All these facts suggest that sediments of the four interglacials (Ferdynandów, Marovian, Lublin and Eemian) are known from the Bełchatów mine.

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