The Devonian-Carboniferous platform paleomagnetic directions from the Silesian-Cracow area and their importance for Variscan paleotectonic reconstructions

Jerzy Nawrocki


Paleomagnetic investigations of the Givetian-Upper Carboniferous sediments from the Silesian-Cracow area (S Poland) were carried out. They revealed a near·primary Givetian-Frasnian remanence with the paleomagnetic pole at lat. 50ºS, long. 311ºE, dp/dm 2.3°/4.4°, N = 16 samples (normal polarity). Two secondary components were also isolated. The first (1at. 26°S, long. 327°E dp/dm 0.8°/2.9°, N = 3 locality, reversed polarity) was probably acquired in Early Carboniferous time. The second one was connected with a strong Permian remagnetization. These poles fit well to the APW path of the “Old Red Continent”. In the Upper Carboniferous clastic coal·bearing sediments from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin three components were obtained, but only one (lat. 39ºS, long. 351ºE, dp/dm 1.7°/3.2°, N = 3 locality, reversed polarity) was accepted as realistic. The conclusion was drawn that the investigated area was joined to the “Old Red Continent” at least since the Givetian.

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