Cathodoluminescence study of the ore-bearing and related dolostones in the Triassic of the Silesian-Cracow district

Marek Narkiewicz


Cathodoluminescence studies appear to be a useful tool in discriminating between the ore-bearing dolostone (hosting bulk of the MVT ores in the district) and, on the other hand, several types of the earlier formed (“primary”) dolostones. The latter are mostly micro-to finely-crystalline rocks and they show CL controlled by depositional texture. The former display characteristic zonation of larger dolomite crystals. Preliminary CL microstratigraphy of the ore-bearing dolostone reveals that the early zones are difficult to correlate throughout the district whereas the latest zone, largely non-luminescent one, is particularly conspicuous in the areas of the MVT deposits. Moreover, it post-dates or overlaps with the early sphalerite in the Trzebionka mine.

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