The lead and zinc ore deposits in the vicinity of Chrzanów

Marek Szuwarzyński


The Zn-Pb ore deposit in the vicinity of Chrzanów consists of about 90 ore bodies of varied size. Mineralization occurs within the Middle Triassic dolomites in form of bed-shape sphalerite concentrations, replacing the host rocks and various aggregates of sphalerite and galena, infilling their voids. Ore distribution within the rock massif is determined by lithology of the Triassic deposits and by tectonic structures but also an influence of paleohydrological factor on are body origin is assumed. The effect of these factors operation is the ore concentration in some beds, named “ore horizons” and resulted the tabular form of ore bodies and their position concordant with bedding of surrounding rocks. The influence of tectonic factor also determinates internal variability of are bodies, The described here deposit development could be assumed as typical for a part of the Silesian-Cracow ore province, located within the Upper Silesian Trough.

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