The geometric-mathematical model of the zinc and lead ore deposits from the Olkusz region

Renata Blajda


The regularities of structure of the Zn-Pb ore deposits within ore-bearing dolomites and in the Roethian dolomites from the Olkusz region have been stated applying the statistic and geostatistic methods, trend analysis of ore parameters as well as the results of observations in mines. Assuming significant continuity of mineralization within the ore-bearing dolomites the richest ore bodies of nest type form elongated, nearly latitudinal, cyclically repeated zones. The distances between them are from about 150 m in more rich deposit parts up to 300 m in impoverished ones. The deposit in the Roethian dolomites occurs as irregular, isolated ore nests with high metals content. The studies on the exploitation areas of the Roethian deposit and analysis of cartographic materials, related to the deposit located within the ore-bearing dolomites, indicate the coherence of the Zn-Pb mineralization distribution and regular tectonic pattern.

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