A proposal of hydrochemical classification of groundwaters anthropogenetic ally transformed

Jerzy J. Małecki


The more intensive transformations of chemical composition of groundwaters due to an influence of anthropogenic factors bring about such case that the most of existing hydrochemical classifications, elaborated for waters of natural composition, could not characterize fully the polluted waters. Classifying such water kinds it should be enlarged an amount of interpreted elements with a content of nitrate and potassium ions, which in many cases occur in higher concentrations than the main components. The presented here attempt of modification of this classification has based on the principles of the classification of Szczukariew-Prikłoński, one of the most applied systems, constructed according very clear scheme. It has based on lowering the limit of interpreted ions til110% mval and increasing up to four the number of basic anions (HCO3-, Cl-, NO3-) and cations (Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+), determining the hydrochemical type of water. These eight ions make 225 possible combinations, theoretically enlarging to this number the amount of distinguished classes. The valuation of such modified classification was made on homogenous hydrochemical material from area of the Biebrza Depression.

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