Remarks to the discussion on distribution of smooth spherules on Mesozoic megaspores with particular references to the species Verrutriletes utilis (Marcinkiewicz) Marcinkiewicz

Teresa Marcinkiewicz


The smooth glossy spherules were noticed on surface of megaspores Venutriletes utilis (Marcinkiewicz) Marcinkiewicz, known from the Rhaetic epicontinental deposits of Poland and Western Europe. These spherules occur on some verrucae, being the original ornamentation of this species, and also they are present of some Mesozoic megaspores of genus Trileites. That fact indicates the spherules should not be regarded as morphological element, significant for artificial taxonomy of megaspores. Their manner of occurrence on surface of various morphological types of megaspores as Trileites and Verrutriletes suggests that such phenomenon is accidental, caused by factor of currently unknown character.

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