New data about the Upper Cretaceous from eastern part of the Southern Baltic Sea

Radosław Pikies


During preparing the sheets of the Geological Map of the Baltic Sea Bottom, scale 1 :200 000, the current boundary of occurrence of the Upper Cretaceous deposits in eastern part of the Southern Baltic was located about 75 km northward from its previous position. The Upper Cretaceous was documented with micropalaeontological, mineralogical and seismic-acoustic data on area of sheet Gotland Basin and it lies with unconformity on the Upper Devonian and - probably - on Upper Silurian deposits. The meridional faults of older network, renewed in the Laramide Phase, had significant influence on such far northward extension of the described Cretaceous deposits, for example: Żarnowiec, Karwia and Kuźnica faults. Final position of limit of the Upper Cretaceous extent was determined by denudation processes, prevailed on this area during Tertiary (Paleocene - Lower Eocene, Neogene) as well as several times repeated ice-sheet exaration.

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