Stratigraphy of the Younger Pleistocene in the Dolne Powiśle and the Elbląg Elevation based on mapping and boreholes

Aurelia Makowska


Mapping carried through in the Dolne Powiśle and its vicinity during the last 20 years resulted in preparation of sheets of the Geological map of Poland, scale 1:200 000 and of 26 sheets of the Detailed geological map of Poland scale 1:50 000. These maps were completed with 60 boreholes that reached the Quaternary substrate. The whole work enabled to present stratigraphy of the Younger Pleistocene sediments. Well developed and widespread sediments of the Eemian Interglacial were distinguished, overlain with post-Eemian complex of terrestrial and marine sediments of the Toruń and Vistula glaciations, separated with deposits of the Krastudy Interglacial.

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