Revision of the age of the Lower Carboniferous deposits in the northern part of the Góry Bardzkie (Sudetes)

Maria Chorowska, Krzysztof Radlicz


Deposits of tile Nowa Wieś Formation were formed in the time interval from the Upper Tournaisian 10 the Lower Visean, while sedimentation of the flysch deposits of the Srebrna Górn Formation lasted, at maximum, until tile upper part of the Middle Visean. Those facts are evidenced by conodonts and foraminifers from the carbonate deposits of the Nowa Wieś Formation exposed on the surface and from the upper part of that formation and of the flysch deposits of the Srebrna Góra Formation from borehole Zdanów IG I. This age supports the conclusion of W. Paeckelmann (1930, 1931) and partly of T. Górecka, B. Mamet (1970), and M. Chorowska (1972, 1973). It is also concordant with the age proposed by A. Głuszek, A. Tomaś (1993) and contrary to the Upper Visean (M. Chorowska, K. Radlicz, 1984) or partly Lower Namurian ages (J. Haydukiewicz, 1986) of these deposits suggested in the literature.

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