Algae in the Sarmatian deposits from the Machów outcrop and from the boreholes Jamnica M-83 and S-119 (Carpathian Foredeep)

Jolanta Paruch-Kulczycka


Algal cysts of Halicoryne morelleti (Pokorny) (order Dasycladales) were found in the Lower Sarmatian deposits studied in the Machów outcrop and from the boreholes near Jamnica. They are accompanied mainly by foraminifera of the miliolidae group. The cysts are most common within the clayey part of the Krakowiec Clays but in sandier sediments their amount rapidly decreases to zero lack in the youngest part of the Sarmatian sequence. Such varied content of algal cysts of Halicoryne morelleti  (Pokorny) and variable taxonomic composition of foraminifera assemblages resulted from changes in the sedimentary environment.

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