Stable isotope geochemistry and the genesis of the Polish native sulphur deposits - a review

Jan Parafiniuk, Włodzimierz Kowalski, Stanisław Hałas


The study summarizes earlier data concerning of sulphur, carbon, and oxygen isotope ratios in Polish native sulphur deposits of the Carpathian Foredeep. It characterizes isotope compositions of the Miocene evaporite rocks such as gypsum (the host-rocks for sulphur ores), native sulphur, postgypsum limestones, and residual sulphates (celestite, barite, and aquaeous sulpates of ore water). Based upon available isotopic results the authors have proposed a model for genesis of Polish sulphur ores which includes: origin of ore-forming factors, mechanisms of ore-forming processes, capacity of sulphate-reduction process, origin of the ore water, how open the system was and the problem of sulphur ore disintegration.

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