New palaeomagnetic data from the Lower Sub-Tatric radiolarites, Upper Jurassic (Western Tatra Mts.)

Jacek Grabowski


Red Oxfordian (Upper Jurassic) radiolarites of the Lower Sub-Tatric nappe in the Western Taira Mts. (f = 49.3ºN, l = 19.5ºE) were the subject of palaeomagnetic study. Characteristic remanent magnetization (D = 31º, I = 54º, a95 = 7 º, for the Bobrowiec unit, D = 54 º, I = 49 º, a95 = 6 º, for the Gładkie Upłaziańskie slice) is pre-folding (pre-Turonian) but most probably not primary. Its direction indicates the possibility of 17-30 º clockwise rotation of the investigated units relative to stable Europe. AMS study revealed compactional magnetic fabric with minimum susceptibility axes perpendicular to the bedding plane. The set of palaeomagnetic data from the Polish and Slovak Carpathians does not indicate the uniform tectonic rotation of the area in the Tertiary, but rather local rotations of different amplitudes, possibly related to the formation of the Carpathian orocline.

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