Nannoplankton stratigraphy of the Miocene deposits in Tarnobrzeg area (northeastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep)

Elżbieta Gaździcka


The calcareous nannofossils of the Machów Formation (the Pecten Beds and Krakowiec Clays) from exposures at the sulphur mine Machów and from cores in northeastern part of the Carpathian Foredeep were studied using both light and electron microscopes. The stratigraphic position of the deposits which overlie the evaporite series is discussed. They seem to be younger than the NN 7 Discoaster kugleri  Zone and they probably correspond to the NN 8 Catinaster coalitus and NN 9 Discoaster hamatus Zones of the standard nannoplankton zonation.

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