Faults in the Cretaceous and its base as displayed on seismic sections through the Lublin area (east Poland)

Tadeusz Krynicki


An analysis of wave images with respect to surface conditions has been carried out with the aim of defining the possibility of identification of tectonic disturbance zones in the Cretaceous formation. It has been noticed that the surface conditions are very similar over the entire survey area. This fact practically eliminates their impact on results acquired. First of all, changes in seismic record can be influenced by subsurface factors, in particular by tectonics. Faults occurring in the Palaeozoic complex can, in most cases, be detected within the Cretaceous formation. The fault throws in the Cretaceous arc not large, sometimes fissure zone can appear instead of faults. On the seismic sections such fissure zone often occur in places of depressions in the Cretaceous boundary, that are connected with breaks in correlation of waves reflected from the Jurassic and Palaeozoic formations.

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