Metallogenic evolution of organogenic metamorphics in NW Bulgaria: genetic types of gold and gold-polymetallic mineralizations

N. N. Obretenov, Nikola Vardev


The metallogenic evolution of the organogenic Lower Palaeozoic rocks in the West Balkanides is divided into six stages, each generating different types of gold deposits: (1) volcanogenic-sedimentary gold-copper pyrite deposits; (2) sedimentary-diagenetic gold-pyrite deposits in carbon-rich sediments; (3) postmetamorphic-hydrothermal quartz-gold-silver deposits; (4) skarn gold deposits; (5) postmagmatic-hydrothermal gold-polymetallic deposits; (6) gold placers. In some areas the superposition of different mobilization, generation and re-generation processes in time and space lead to the formation of more complex polygenic and polychronous gold-bearing deposits. The proposed evolutionary model may be used to prognosticate gold deposits of the above six genetic types.

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