Palaeogeography of the uppermost Carboniferous and lowermost Permian deposits in the NE part

Andrzej Bossowski, Adam Ihnatowicz


of the Intra-Sudetic Depression Based on analysis of sediments of the uppermost palaeogeography and the lowermost Permian, the fundamental palaeogeography of the Intra-Sudetic Depression has been reconstructed at the boundary of tile Westphalian and Stephanian (the Asturian phase). Main source areas in the upper Westphalian occurred south of Wałbrzych and west of Nowa Ruda. The Wałbrzych region and the present area of the Góry Sowie Block were the source areas of the coarse-grained material, sedimentation being development mainly near the present Polish-Czech border and on the Czech side of the Intra-Sudetic Depression. River deposition, dominant in the uppermost Carboniferous, gradually changed to lacustrine deposition.

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