Importance of the recurrence of geological structure of river valleys in the E part of the Polish Lowland to the assessent of influence of anthropogenic pollution

Ewa Falkowska


Some similarity in the geological structures of the Narew, Supraśl, and Piwonia River valleys was found when a study was conducted on selected tracts of these rivers. This similarity is due to the occurrence of structures that are characteristics for the same scheme of areal deglaciation: a morainic upland subject to strong glaciotectonic disturbances; fluvioglacial terraces that are adjacent to the upland; and lake basins with distinct evidences of their drainage that have been adopted by the rivers to flow through during the last stage of development of postglacial surface features. Deposits from the Narew valley have also been examined in the laboratory with the aim assessing their sealing capability. In particular. attention was directed to determination of overall adsorption capacity. It was found that a number of beds under study within the Narew valley may constitute an efficient cover that prevents the expansion of pollution. With respect to similarity of morphogenesis within the river valley tracts under consideration a conclusion can be drawn that surficial soils in all three fiver valleys are of similar physical and chemical properties and therefore, may be prospective for natural protection of groundwaters as is the case of the Narew River deposits in the Suraż area.

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