The Younger Palaeozoic deposits in the basement of the Polish Western Carpathians

Anna Tomaś, Roman Zając


Lithostratigraphy of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous in the basement of the Polish Western Carpathians has been elaborated. The Devonian has been subdivided into five informal lithostratigraphic units (I-V). Although index fossils are usually lacking, the age of some units has been determined based on foraminifera. The top part of unit IV (laminated limestones) contains uniserial foraminifera of the Upper Frasnian. The Famennian foraminifera occur in the vadose deposits of unit V.

The foraminifers in the Lower Carboniferous limestones provide better evidence of stratigraphy. This fauna is rich in number of specimens and even more diversified in taxa, thus allowing to distinguish the Tournaisian and Visean forarninferal zones: Cf1 (Tn 1b-Tn2) and Cf2(Tn3), and Cf5(V2b-V3a) and Cf6(V3bc).

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