Trace element and sulphur stable isotope ratios in soils and vegetation of the Holy Cross Mountains

Zdzisław M. Migaszewski, Piotr Pasławski


The results or trace element and sulphur stable isotope determinations performed on soils, lichens, mosses, pine needles, spring waters and industrial material from the Holly Cross Mts. region show that some elements are elevated due to pollution. The chemical analyses indicated the raised content of As, Cd, Hg, Mn, Pb, S and Zn, and somewhat Cu in the uppermost soil horizon. Of these elements, lead reaching 310 ppm is a concern. The remaining naturnl media also contain higher concentrations or many elements compared to those from other areas in the US.A. and Europe. Lichens, a classic bioindicator, are generally enriched in Cd, La, Li, Pb and S, and somewhat in Hg, Pb and Ti. A high level of sulphur (up to O.128%) has been noted here. In order to record any fluctuations in the content of these and other elements, a two-year monitoring has been initiated.

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