Parvicardium hauniense (Petersen et Russell, 1971) in Holocene deposits of the Puck Bay (Baltic Sea)

Jarmila Krzymińska, Maciej Wołowicz


The bivalve Parvicardium hauniense (Petersen et Russell) is the first recorded from Holocene deposits of the Puck Bay. It has been found among numerous species or molluses represented by both gastropods and bivalves. Richly represented are the gastropods: Hydrobia ulvae (Pennant), H. ventrosa (Montagu), Theodoxus fluviatilis (Linnaeus) as well as the bivalves: Cardium glaucum Bruguiere and Mytilus edulis (Linnaeus). P. hauniense (Petersen et Russell) is particularly abundant in the eastern part of the Puck Bay. The marine deposits in which P. hauniense (Petersen et Russell) has been found are dated at 6660-5570 years BP at the Rybitwia Shoal and 3170 years BP off the Hel Spit (R. Kramarska et al., 1993), using the 14C dating method. This may indicate the timing of both the transgression of the Littorina Sea and the first appearance of the species in that region.

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