Some Terebratulida (Brachiopoda) from the Muschelkalk sediments in the Holy Cross Mts.

Hanna Senkowiczowa, Ewa Popiel-Barczyk


Results of the studies on morphology of some Terebratulida from the Muschelkalk sediments from the border of the Holy Cross Mts. have been presented. It has been stated basing on the analysis of the inner parts of the shells performed using the method of serial transverse sections that the hitherto conducted determinations of the majority specimens of the Terebratulida in the area under discussion as Coenothyris vulgaris (Schlotheim) cannot be concerned as sufficient. Two new species have been described at present: Aulacothyroides alius sp.n. and Sulcatinella subsulcata sp.n. The geographical extent of Aulacothyroides Dagis, 1965, the genus known up to now only in the Upper Silesia, has been moved recently north-eastwards into the area of the Holy Cross Mts. The fact of appearance of Sulcatinella Dagis, 1974 found in the Holy Cross Mts., on Podlasie and possibly in the Upper Silesia causes a distinct change in geographical extent of this genus in Europe. His geographical extent has been moved from Hungary towards the north onto the area of Central Poland.

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