Palaeomagnetism of the Lower Palaeozoic rocks from the Western Sudetes, SW Poland - preliminary report

Jerzy Nawrocki, Andrzej Żelaźniewicz


Palneomagnetic studies of the Lower Ordovician metagranites an metavolcanic rocks from the Izera- Karkonosze Block and Góry Kaczawskie, respectively, revealed the presence of two characteristic directions with their poles located on the Apparent Polar Wander Paths (APWP) of Eastern Avalonia and Baltica. None of the poles fits to the APWP of Armorica Block, even after possible tectonic corrections. The pole K obtained from the Izera granite of Kościelniki quarry fits to the Late Ordovician-Early Silurian segment of Baltica and Eastern Avalonia paths, and the pole M isolated from the Kaczawa metavolcanic rock of Marciniec hill is located on their Middle Carboniferous segment. The palaepole M was recorded most probably during the Visean metamorphism of tile Kaczawa complex. The palaeopole K could have been recorded during "soft" collision of Baltica and Eastern Avalonia. On the other hand palaeopole K is located in the Early Ordovician segment of the APWP of Avalonia, if we assume a moderate (30°) northward tilt of the Izera unit. The obtained data do not allow to speak about separation of the Izera and Kaczawa terranes during the Ordovician.

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