Optical anisotropy of coal from the Jastrzębie Fold (Upper Silesian Coal Basin)

Joanna Komorek, Marek Pozzi


Reflectance (Rmax and Rmean) of vitrinite occurring in coal from the Jastrzębie Fold, as well as its optical anisotropy (Rbi) increase from the east to the west, what indicates an increase of coalification in this direction. The highest k-values were found in the marginal parts of the studied area, what proves, that the influence of tectonic stress on the coalification process was higher in the anticline limbs than in its axial part Increase of the reflectance toward the north with simultaneous decrease of the k and Rst values in this direction indicate the presence of a heat source in the SW part of the area, which caused thermic metamorphism of coal.

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