Fundamental stratigraphic problem of the Cambrian in the Holy Cross Mts.

Zbigniew Kowalczewski


The only existing stratigraphic scheme of the Holy Cross Cambrian (S. Orlowski, 1975) and its later modifications (Figs. 1-7) are critically reviewed, Lithostratigraphic units in these subdivisions are informal because the majority of them do not meet the requirements of National Stratigraphic Code. Their biostratigraphic position is in most cases disputable. The author presents his own stratigraphic subdivision (Fig. 8). The Czarna Shales are of Holmia and Protolenus age. The Osiek Sandstones belong most probably to the lowest Middle Cambrian. The Góry Pieprzowe Shales represent not only the upper part of Middle Cambrian but are also the time equivalent of various Middle and Lower Cambrian units. Ichnozones in Middle and Uppe( Cambrian are of low stratigraphic value. The determinations of trilobites yielded by Middle and Upper Cambrian rocks must be revised.

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