Geomorphologic and geologic setting of Quaternary deposits in the vicinity of Janów Podlaski (Eastern Poland)

Leszek Lindner


Several examples yield that in the vicinity of Janów Podlaski (Eastern Poland), the older Quaternary is represented by preglacial (pre-Pleistocene) deposits, superimposing Oligocene and Upper Cretaceous sediments. Glaciogenic series of the Sanian 1 and Sanian 2 Glaciations, separated by fluvial deposits of the Ferdynandovian Interglacial occur above them. The younger of the mentioned series is overlain by lacustrine deposits with palynologic data representing the Mazovian Interglacial and the early glacial of the Liviecian Glaciation, as well as probably the lowermost part of the Zbójnian Interglacial. These sediments are covered by the youngest in the area glaciogenic series (or their residua) corresponding to the Odranian and/or Wartanian Glaciations. The younger Quaternary is represented by fluvial deposits of suprainudation terraces accumulated during the Eemian Interglacial and the Vistulian Glaciation, as well as by the Holocene tidal flats and sediments occurring at floors of tributary river Valleys.

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