Tabulata from the Lower and Middle Devonian of the Holy Cross Mts.

Elżbieta Sarnecka


The results of studies of corals from the Emsian/Eifelian transitional beds of the northwestern part of the Kielce area (boreholes: Porzecze SA, Strawczynek 1, Kostomłoty 2) and from the Upper Emsian of the Bodzentyn Syncline (borehole Tarczek 1) are presented. Tabulate assemblages are compared with their analogues from the Grzegorzowice outcrop section. Their stratigraphical ranges are determined in relation to standard conodont divisions. Of Tabulata, a new subspecies (Alveolites straeleni minor) and 6 species, including a new one (Multithecopora annae), are described. They belong to 5 families. Of Heliolitida, 4 species belonging to genus Heliolites and one species belonging probably to a new ambiguously determined genus, have been recognized. A species belonging to Chaetetida, unknown from the Polish Devonian before, has now been found. Multithecopora annae n. sp., representing a genus commonly considered to have been characteristic of the Carboniferous and Permian, is for the first time described from the Devonian.

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