Mazovian Interglacial at Cząstkowo near Stężyca - the first site in Pomerania

Aurelia Makowska, Bożena Noryśkiewicz, Leszek Jurys


In the profile of the borehole at Cząstkowo at the depth of 105.8-128.5 m on the basis of lithology and pollen studies one identified sediments of the Mazovian Interglacial. The sediments occur within a thick intermoraine series, between tills of the San 2 and Odra glaciations. The series comprises ice-dam lake sediments and cyclic-layered valley sediments. The interglacial deposits consisting of fluvial sands and lake silts formed in the first (or one of the first) cycle of the valley sedimentation. Above, there occur similar sediments of the subsequent valley cycle, and on their basis one distinguished the first stadial and interstadial of the Odra Glaciation, following directly the Mazovian Interglacial.

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