Vertical discontinuities in the Earth's crust of the TESZ in Poland - gravity data

Czesław Królikowski, Zdzisław Petecki, Ryszard Dadlez


Axes of horizontal gradient anomalies of the gravity field in Polish segment of the TESZ have been calculated and related to the geological structures (faults, fault zones) in the crust. The most important gradient zones in the TESZ area longitudinal NI-N4 and N6 discontinuities, and transversal N9-N11 and N13 discontinuities. The formers define the boundaries of the TESZ while the 1atters emphasize its transversal segmentation. Longitudinal discontinuities in northwestern Poland are in fairly good accordance with crustal fractures recorded by the DSS data. In central and southeastern part of the country they do not conform in many places. The fundamental difference in the pattern of crustal blocks on both sides of tile N13 discontinuity is significant.

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