Sands and calcite cement-bodies (the Baranów Beds) from Świniary, eastern margin of the Holy Cross Mts.

Krystyna Kenig, Anna Wysocka


The paper presents the results of studies of sands with horizons of sandstones in the form of calcite cement-bodies from Świniary near Baranów Sandomierski. Besides a macroscopic description numerous laboratory tests such as SEM viewing, X-ray diffraction and trace elements content have been applied in these sediments. Morfology and microtexture of quartz grains enable determination of differences in the sedimentation environment of each part of the discussed sand deposits: from a marine basin with distinct influence of a shore zone, through a gradual change of physical-chemical conditions connected with deepening, followed by a decrease of shore zone grain content and increase of chemical features content. Chemical analyses of the cement and character of quartz grain surfaces from the calcite cement-bodies point to a complicated course of diagenetic processes connected with precipitation of calcite and barite and synchronous quartz dissolution and silica draining. The trace elements content of the cement points to non-marine source of cements. The age of diagenetic processes may be defined as Pliocene till present.

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