Geological and palaeobotanical setting of interglacial sediments at the Kaliłów site in southern Podlasie

Krzysztof Binka, Jerzy Nitychoruk


The paper presents the results of pollen and geological analyses from the fossil lake sediments at Kaliłów near Biała Podlaska. In pollen diagram 8 local pollen zones are distinguished, starting with the shrub tundra through the Pinus-Betula woodland and typical Mazovian Interglacial succession and finishing with plant communities with abundant heliophythes. Palaeolake district is believed to be associated with linear tectonic structures of pre-Quaternary substratum because of narrow and long, up to several tens of kilometers, palaeolake depressions filled with sediments or impressive thickness, locally more than 30 m.

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